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Youtube: Onision in Real Life

Onision is the YouTube name of the YouTube vlogger Onision.

What is Onission in Real Life?

The term “Onision” refers to Gregory Daniel Jackson who lives in Seattle, Washington. And this particular individual has been focusing on viral marketing or social media marketing for his videos. He created a YouTube channel back in October 2006 and was known for his different types of videos.

He did video blogs, did TV reviews, did crafts with his kids, did cooking tutorials, did travel diaries, and did lots of other crazy things. But yeah, this guy caters to anyone and everyone with videos on YouTube…but he is oddly one of the most hated people on the internet.

He was banned from YouTube back in 2011, and he keeps coming back and back and back to YouTube with a new name and a new channel. He too contains a Facebook page that he as often as possible updates. Onision started to come back to YouTube on the 15th of January 2017 with a new channel.

He said he would be taking a break from the Onision name. And this is the first video he uploaded on the new channel, and this is the video that got him banned from YouTube in 2011. He did say that he is not the same Gregory Daniel Jackson anymore. So yeah, this is an all-new Onision in real life.

Is Onision just a prankster?

No, this is not a prank.

He lives in a house with his spouse and kids and they really all work ordinary work. He is fair a fellow who cherishes making recordings and getting them out there to as numerous individuals as conceivable.

Why is He Hated So Much?

I mean, it’s not easy to explain why people hate him so much. Some people say that he is rude, and some people say that he is mean, and some people say that he is just some random guy.

Some people say that he is a spammer, and I don’t know about that. But some people say that he is just a random person who just wants to be famous.

But yeah, he is a legit person, and he does not want to be famous for any other reason than he enjoys making videos. He is not trying to be a spammer, he is not trying to sell anything, and he is not trying to scam anyone.

I mean, if you look at his videos, they are really good and they are entertaining. I mean, it is not like he is trying to get rich off of them, but he does get a lot of views and likes on his videos. And I am not saying that it is not a legitimate channel, but he is just a guy who is very, very, very good at making videos and he just keeps making videos.


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