Where Baby Hope: IUI vs IVF

I will clear all your doubt related to IUI vs IVF. I will also share which technology is best for you to get a baby. You can get a baby at any age by using this technology.

After marriage, every couple dreams of becoming parents where they start a new generation where baby hopes coming, many couples have successfully blessed baby and the other hand many couples facing an issue of not conceiving. this is a very hard challenge where if you didn’t get pregnant, a couple lost their hope and getting frustrated took many visits to doctor’s appointments. before knowing more, we need age and other gaps to determine this.

What is Fertility?

Fertility is a measure of a woman’s ability to get pregnant. Women who are of a fertile age of fertility usually have 18 menstrual cycles per year, and they will ovulate once during that time. This is why more popular euphemisms for “fertile” are “period” and “time of the month.” only 50% of people aged 25 to 29 will get pregnant each year if they have sexual intercourse at the most fertile point in their cycle. Women under the age of 25, don’t get more fertile with age – they slowly lose their chance to conceive when increase age.

What we need to check first, Where some things you have missed.

Most couples are not aware of what useful way to get pregnant. Even try first with your body, If you are Male then check your SEMEN report and check your Mortality, If you are female then you need to check your Cycle date also Egg release on time and how much egg your body produced, you can check this with Follicular Test where Egg growth is monitored.

For conceiving pregnancy Male partner has a minimum semen analysis

  • Sperm Count(Millions/ML) – 16M/ml
  • Total Sperm Count(Millions) – 39M/Ejaculate
  • Total Motility %- – 42%
  • A- Aggressive Motility – 30%(Most Important)

Female Partner-  Female partners will need to do their Follicular test and monitor egg sizes.

Egg quantity depends on getting pregnant (1 -3 eggs needed) even check your egg getting the 20mm-21mm size this time they release on the ovary.

Where Baby Hope: IUI vs IVF

Also if you have an issue in Egg production facing a problem try to HSG test where the doctor checks your Tubes are blocked or open.

IUI- Intrauterine insemination

In a simple way, you can say this is artificial intercourse where doctors collect Male partner semen samples and wash it, collecting more aggressive Motility sperms and inject on Female partner’s uterus. This way the chances of getting pregnant are 25% only. because it depends on how the body will react, hormonal changes often cause the issue.

Cost – The Average cost of the IUI and different in many city and country as well in India, the test start with (Rs.12K-Rs.15K) on a reputated doctor. also, doctors getting some fertility injections those costs are separate. They used egg grow and booster injection which cost around Rs.10K. Total (Rs. 25K)

IVF- In vitro fertilization

Everyone knows and sees in many movies and knows what this is. Let’s short in IVF are terms where the doctor produces lots of egg in a female partner using Fertility injection and freeze it then collect male partner semen after that, doctors inject semen in the fertilized egg and inject female partner’s uterus.

This is the most popular way because all things are handled by doctors manually, he depends to produces eggs know the perfect size of egg wants and when the time to do meet with semen. if you talk about how many chances it is around 65% to get pregnant with IVF technology.

Cost- Cost always matters with chances Yes, the IVF is always costly around (1-2 Lakh.) + Injection cost (Rs. 50K). in IVF many charges are hidden when you plan for IVF discuss with your doctor and know the cost structure.

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