When did Jesus Die and Rise

Before discuss about Die and Rise we need to find the man who killed Jesus. A man of the utmost importance, we know nothing about, or close to nothing. It’s strange, isn’t it that billions of people in the world have an image of Jesus Christ on the cross emblazoned in their minds. But the killer of Jesus, a man of utmost importance.

Why Jesus Die.

Something we need to talk about in this article first is what crime did Jesus commit to ending up on the cross, no doubt in absolute agony. The Romans might have roasted people living in a rather large bull, they might have executed people by having elephants sit on their faces, but even as horrific as that sounds, some Romans decry crucifixion for being cruel and inhumane punishment. In terms of being executed, crucifixion is no walk in the park. The Romans understood very well that it could be very, very painful and humiliating, and without the help of a soldier expediting the process with a knife, dying to take ages. As the Roman philosopher Cicero wrote, crucifixion was the “most cooling hideous of tortures.” Trust us when we say being squashed by an angry packet Durham was way better than dying on the cross, and the Romans knew it. Now the question is, what in God’s name does Jesus Christ do to make the Romans want him to suffer the worst of all punishments. It wasn’t as if they thought he was the son of god and was about to put an end to all their depravity and decadence. They just thought that he was another loon who walked. through the streets preaching superstitious nonsense. In Mark 3:21-22, it’s written that most of his own family thought he was insane, even possessed by demons. His own brother, James that’s right, the famous disciple Saint James also believe this though he changed his mind after the crucifixion and was eventually put to death by the Jewish authorities for refusing to deny that Jesus was really the son of God, somewhere more ready for their deaths than others.

So, what did Jesus actually do, in terms of a serious crime? Jesus claims to be the messiah, the savior figure predicted in the Old Testament for hundreds of years. This didn’t sit well with many of the Jewish authorities, who were especially troubled by his ever-growing popularity amongst the masses. Fearing his growing influence, they held a sham trial and then handed him over to the Romans under the charge that he was claiming to be the King of the Jews, and thus a threat to Rome’s authority. At the start of this last week, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey to great fanfare along the way. When he arrived, thousands of pilgrims were there, many of whom were trading stuff at the temple. Jesus went to a fit of rage, going to place again the fees and kicking over there still this is because the merchants whom it set up at the temple were exploiting the faithful pilgrims, charging exorbitant prices for sacrificial offerings demanded in Jewish culture for the atonement of sins. All happened under the watch, and with the approval of the Pharisees. He then when after the Jewish elders directly, calling them out for hypocrisy and their devotion to tradition instead of a duty to love and care for their fellow man. For them, this long here dude was becoming a right Boyle pain in the backside Jesus was exposing their hypocrisy and average than they did much like that. Those elders struck a deal with that backstabbing, so and so Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ disciples. Judas told him for the price of 30 silver coins, he betrayed Jesus.

Who Was Pilate.

Prior to becoming governor, he was a knight belonging to the Samnite clan. As with many things we’re discussing today, the matter of his life history is up for debate. But it said Pilate was probably pretty good with the javelin and went on to be a successful military man. You don’t become a Roman governor without doing anything, Pilate was skilled, educated, and like we had a lot of connections. After holding some kind of military command, he increased a few palms and ended up with his gig as the governor of Judea, today the home of the west bank in Israel. A long way from Rome for sure, but Roman tendrils back then spread far and wide. Remember, the Romans were pagans, The Jews, on the other hand, believed in one transcended God compared to the Romans’ many Gods. It was a fair bit of persecution going on, there always is, but the Romans also embraced religious tolerance for the folks it rolled over, so long as they pay their taxes, of course. None of us, it’s written that Pilate was roundly disliked by the Jewish elders, with one reason being that he insulted their beliefs. This also led to added pressure when Jesus was in his hands. It’s sometimes written that Pilate was a bit weak this way, who just fed the pressure from the mob, Again, you must remember, there are lots of different versions of what happened. One of them has some dialogue between Jesus and Pilate that sounds like the “Yes or No” game you play as kids. In reality, most accounts have Pilate feeling or maybe too bad for Jesus. Pilate said, “I feel no guilt in him.” Still, he had to play keep those angry folks outside whom Jesus called every name under the sun. Pilate would have to say. Hoping to have been acting up it’s fine, he put a question to the crowd, the easily offended angry mob who wanted Jesus Christ canceled once and for all. Pilate inquired them, ought to I kill Jesus or this other bloke, Barabbas. Barabbas was also in Rome in custody at the time. We don’t know what he had done, although in the Bible Matthew says that he was “notorious” and was likely behind a bunch of riots. The Roman hated riots, protests, that kind of thing. The Jewish elders meanwhile had been skulking around the crowd whispering in people’s ears, saying something like, “Jesus, choose Jesus, They chose Jesus, even though Barabbas was arguably a troublemaker of a higher degree. Pilate was like, damn, but at least he could kind of blame for the section of an innocent man on the crowd. Now we are sure you appreciate the term to wash your hands of someone or something. In one account, Pilate to look down the menu crowded shouted, “what should I do with him?” In another account, it says Pilate considered releasing Jesus.

Jesus died on the cross

In this story, a Jewish elder then said to Pilate,” if you let him go, you disobey Caesar. Pilate then went to the crowd again and shouted, “Shall I crucify your king?” rid of the man who called him out for the hypocrisy. So, now complicity in the murder of Jesus Christ we have backstabbing Judas. We have some slated Jewish elders. We have a spinless Pilate, who admittedly, was between a rock and a hard place, and we have the angry mob Pilate crazily asked to make the decision for him. So who put the nail in the coffin, so to speak? Who actually, physically executed Jesus? You can be sure none of the aforementioned folks wanted blood on their hands, after all, Pilate had just washed his. Jesus was sentenced to various humiliations before he met with the dreaded cross, including half the amount of scourging. That’s whipping to most of you, but with the wipe embedded which often bits of metal. Some sources say Jesus must’ve been close to death after such a vigorous whipping, but he still survived admitted to the cross. The cross used was likely a cross beam, as featured in many churches today. Nails might have been used to hold the position, although that is something it’s also been debated. Various parts of the Bible say Jesus said things on the cross, such as, “I’m thirsty.” for a much more moving account says he said, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” and there is arguably the most beautiful thing he said, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they’re doing.” but who were them? Some of the artistic interpretations show quite the crowd at the crucifixion, made up of Jesus’s supporters, Roman soldiers, and as always, that ubiquitous mob. It’s thought that it was Roman soldiers who drove the nails in, while another soldier may have pierced Jesus’ side. Some of them were likely still mocking him, saying sarcastically, “the king of the Jews.” one version goes, “When the soldiers have crucified him, they threw lots to decide who would get his clothes.” Another said the soldiers played with dice to see who got his clothes. That’s because before they killed him, they stripped him. So, we don’t really know who delivered the coup de grace. Historians say with so many beatings and whippings and then the nails, or even without the nails, Jesus would have died from cardiac stress pretty quickly, or from asphyxiation. As for Pilate, who is usually said to be the man to kill Jesus, he eventually ended up in court for slaughtering some Samaritans. would you say that things didn’t go too well for him once emperor Caligula came to power? His downfall could have been the work of God’s wrath, but again, that’s just one take on the long, complex tale that is history. Finally, as this was all God’s plan and Jesus had, in the end. followed orders, You can blame the death on the father and son as they would have said, it was all for good cause.

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