Human Generation know yourself

Yes, it’s about you, me, and all world(All gender), Do you know to come to this age how many survive and challenges we have faced. The human species are also very old species born from Homo Speans.

There are over 7 billion ‘types’ of people in the world. Everyone is an individual and different from each other.

Nowadays, modern human, has too much difference from older century.40% of people don’t know where their origin and which places they actually belong, Modern human Mothertungue is only in a written paper.

First human fossil found in Africa and That time how many ages we have faced.

The era we survive before:

The Prehistoric Ages – (The first age of humans, home in a cave, Hunting, and Survival era)

Stone Age – (The time when humans create weapons from stone and many more evolutions in this age)

Ice Age – (End of Dinosaurs, Earth becomes snowy)

Century: every century gives new lessons and ideas then we grow. if you think none give by your past generation then think about it because they have given everything to you. Be ready for next-generation what you can do.

1800 Century:(grand grandfather)

If you think about this century and yes it’s your grand grandfather era, That time letter is medium of messaging and humans are working on the telephone, This is very interesting century, you can say “wars era” (including WWI) around 50+ wars happened this era, survival is more challenging things about it your grand grandfather survive this era with lots of challenges then today you have written this article. Slavery is the biggest challenge.

1900 Century :(Father age)

70% of people’s fathers belong to this era, This is a time of evolution in machinery and agriculture. the time when we use landline phones to really connect people. the environment is eco-friendly less carbon. No honk of bikes and cars. In this era, humans are working in Technology, space, manufacturing, science to give new ideas to the next generation.

2000: (You)

Yes, it’s about your time, you got everything from the older generation where your phone has become a smartphone and where no one has time to interact all are busy in social, everyone looking for hunger more and more. Sorry but it’s true. In this era, we have everything phones, machines and lots of new technology but no one is satisfied. if you think about your past era (Father & Grandfather) see how many challenges they have faced. first, see who you are and your ambition. find happiness in small things and spend time with family. 70% of people depend on the internet to find simple things they already learn from childhood to young. Pollution is a more challenging thigs this era. If we have not found a solution one day we pay for fresh air.

Thanks for reading things about yourself who you are and how many challenges you are standing today, Next-generation what you can do.

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Written by Ranjeet

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