How to stop child addiction on social media and games

Today’s generation is really quite angry and addict, The youth now day addict to social media and games yes games online playing fighting war games.

The situation is coming worst when you catch the phone in their hand, He is angry and ready to fight.

Why this situation coming-

After lots of research found some interesting things about new genre youth. We have found two-generation one belongs to 90’s century and another 20. both have been born in two different eras. 90’s children mostly playing outdoor games and activities with enjoying life by reading books and making friends. this will become a strong and brilliant child those have a low disease.

Now turn the 20’s children, Technology era and where the smartphone is king and killing many devices such as calculators and watch. this child has many options of entertainment and he can entertain lonely with a smartphone can listen to songs, watching movies, playing games and making friends also. Child think mobile is life and I can do everything with this. He has a low choice to playing outdoor games (the game makes a strong body) and making a real friend in life those are real and lifetime.

Social addiction with games-

Today most applications run in the market you can make friends, learning and playing. during covid time Facebook and other social media channel said the people’s duration of time in social media is increasing and yet it’s increasing as well. New age child making their account and use these applications, but they have not aware of it social media is not fully safe sometimes a bad and adult content coming in and children browse and explore it, and finally his cuteness going danger zone. Also, nowadays many war games are available on your phone player shot the people and earning a point, did you think it’s safe because it’s weird.  

Abuse word and Web series-

Web series become more popular in this era, you have seen many web series, have you notice many web series has adult content and abuse word those impact child mind, So please check which topic of your child now a day watching. Encourage your child to watch motivation videos and inspirational stories.


What do you think the best way to motivate your child to be human, Yes a child is the future and if you have not to focus on the future then one day he blame you.

Here few points where every parent needs to focus:

  • Spend time with your child and check their activity. 
  • Approach your child to play an outdoor game.
  • Find the way(like Call) when your child overtime on the phone. 
  • Discuss motivational people and company story and their struggles.
  • “Life is big to find and explores” is your motto about the child. 
  • Every child is unique so make your child a star.
  • Respect(Most important) as a father you have to learn this lesson to your child.

Addiction is a slow poison, Never addict one thing in a lifetime because the weather and calendar are changed you need to change your addiction and make good habits.

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Written by Ankita

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