How to protect from spammers in the technology era

Stuck in Spam is a big concern of this time. Spammer trying to trap people and doing fraud activity. What is the solution where we can safe from spammers? Technology era if you are looking at features and addons then spammers also increasing many ways to spam.

Being educated and getting updated is always one of the biggest solutions to beware of fraud, because if you are stuck in spam then recovery is very challenging. In all world, only 5% of people recover their losses from spammers. 

Email Spam

Email Spam-

This mostly happens when you check email and see the unwanted attachment please ensure this is the receiver you know. around 10 million spam emails in the world are sent daily.

their target user downloads their file or opens their email this way he can easily access your computer or laptop and steal your private information.

Email spammer or internet spammer trying to send you an unwanted popup message or alert to secure your computer. they used big brand names and tell your computer has an unwanted virus and we protect it. never trust those messages because big brands have no time to send you this type of alert they have a reputation and never play with customers.

There is two way can be protected from email spammers.

  1. Ensure the email sender have you subscribe to any newsletter from any services and know this email sender.
  2. Check email sender has Antispam or GPDR policy. The easy option to get this information is, to check the email-sender uses unsubscribe or pot out option on email, also the email sender provides their real identity including the address where this email coming from.  
phone spam

Phone Spam-

During covid, the craze of mobile phone is more strong, and many spammers focus their cold calling were they trying to trap the people for unwanted winning lottery prizes, new schemes, new plan or offer. credit cards expire is the most used spam trap and trying to get payment in a digital wallet or sometimes in a bank account. If you are using a smartphone then please check where this call coming from in truecaller and check what it’s showing this action may fight from a spammer and save you.

if you are using an old phone please ensure have you applied any such activity that the spammer telling you.

Here are some options where phone calling spammers trying to spam you.

  1. Winning Lottery (33%)
  2. Credit card expire (20%)
  3. Asking money for a new offer(15%)
  4. Payment Wallet transfer(It’s increasing) where spammer tells you to receive money but in actuality, you are sending money.
  5. Other (5%)

Bank Fraud or Cheat

This type of spam happens with your insurance policy, loans, and bounce amount. spammer convincing you to get more income if you buy a policy and provide some bounce. they basically playing with your trust and after that, you are convinced you will send money to those spammers. So please never do that bank always warns he never calls you and never offers this type of demands those are sold by a spammer. If you have received any call like this report it and block it.

you can win from spammers when you empower yourself. Now a day banks warn many ads campaign to beware of spammers.

Social Spam-

Social scams are many types there are a thousand ways where spammer eye on your account information. every person is using many social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Where spammers try to make friends and believe your trust. after that they steal your private information like photos and videos. The most dangerous part of this they will use this information on adult websites (Sometimes). in social spam moving links to adult and dating websites. So aware of those clicks.

Another way of social spam is to try to sell you services, unwanted coins lottery and jobs offer. So if you see this type of activity please block and report it.

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Written by Linda Johnson

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