How change windows all time

Microsoft windows all time.

This is about your computer yes right, Have you remembered Microsoft has launch many version of windows operation system. Think about it how much technology changes between your childhood to Present. Also have you remembered floppy time. Microsoft now 29 year old and these timeline he has launched 14+ windows variant.

Let Start with first. 

1. Starting Version- (Windows 1, Windows 2) 

Windows 1 was released in November 1985, Make more popular in the market at that time. interface in 16-bit.

After 2 years of windows 1 released in December 1987, With added new feature and user interface.

windows1windows 2

2. Windows 3x Series (Windows 3, Windows 3.1& 2) 

Windows 3 coming to run MS-DOS programs in windows, with  256 colours make more Graphical User interface. launched in 1990.

Windows 3.1 released in 1992 and Focus on Font and coming with CD-ROM

windows 3

windows 3.1

3. Now the 9x Series (Windows 95,Windows 98,and ME)

Name on Tag, Windows 95 arrived in August 1995 and release with 32-bit environment. Microsoft focus on multitasking and called “plug and play”.

After windows 95 launch Microsoft more focus in his another version called windows 98.

Same time June 1998 windows 98 launch. with more official and media tools those we are used now a day.(Windows Media Player, USB, Outlook Express)

windows 95windows 98

4. Windows NT (Windows NT 3.1/3.5/3.51/4.0/2000)

In November 1988, Microsoft focus on their operating systems. Windows NT was the first Windows based on a hybrid kernel. Microsoft now focus in business oriented system.

Microsoft released Windows 2000 in February 2000 after NT success, They redesign the windows NT interface used in 2000 and dropped NT name.  

NTMicrosoft 2000

5. XP time – Longest running windows

Released in October 2001, This is longest time running windows of Microsoft. XP based on NT platform and design for LCD because that time LCD more popular in market. XP has lots of feature including CD burning and other media. and Most cons of XP is Software Driver loss.

6. Windows Vista

Release in January 2007 coming with codename “Longhorn”. It was buggy, Lot’s of people can’t control easily because their structure not friendly, and App permission in user access control become more frustrated.

7. Windows 7 and Windows 8

After lots of issue find in vista Microsoft turn back on older user interface released windows 7 on October 2009 windows 7 coming with user-friendly features and less “dialogue box overload”

Windows 8 release in Released in October 2012, and people find where the “Start Menu” and “My computer” This is called most overhaul of the Windows interface

8- Windows 10-(Combination of 7 and 8)

Microsoft announce On July 29, 2015 released windows 10. Previous windows lacks now they focus in Star Menu making more friendly and add more short keys including Microsoft Drive.

Windows All Time

9. Windows 11

On June 24, 2021 Microsoft announce to Windows 11 due to covid-19 it is set to release in Fall 2021. Windows 11 coming with more feature and free for windows 10 user.

10. Windows 365

In July 2021, Microsoft announced it will start selling subscriptions based virtualized Windows desktops as part of a new Windows 365 service based on Azure Platform.


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