5 Best Sex Position for Smaller Size Penises.

The small penises size holder having many issue in mind they though how to make women happy and which position is best.

The Butterfly

The butterfly acrobatic position makes way for really deep stimulation lie down on a bed or a table and make sure his crotch is higher than ours have M. crouch and penetrate you lift your legs one at a time and rest your ankles on his shoulders your hips should move up a few inches into the air print even tighter fed have him grab both your ankles with his hands use pillows under your hips to get a better angle for your body’s.

X Marks The Spot.

 X. marks the spot is a variation of the butterfly but with a tighter fit, the back on the table or bad but this time you want your promises to be about the same height raise your legs up in the air when he penetrates you cross your legs at the ankles and rest your feet against his chest.

Tight Doggy Style

the tight doggy style is a great position regardless of size this reduction in doggy style keeps the man’s legs between the woman’s reversing the situation by having him spread his legs further apart will create an even tighter. Plus your bodies will be angle for them to hit your G. spot.

The splitter

the splitter by having your partner struggle one of your outstretched legs will you lie on your back bend lift your other leg and rested on his shoulder this position will allow him to penetrate you deeply and make the most out of each for us

The sofa brace

The sofa brace a semi-upright rear entry position that maximizes penetration to do it your body over the edge of the couch so you’re bent at the head happy meal behind you your body should be pressed up against each other you can opt to keep the source of a great prevents over easily reached down to stroke her ass.

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