15 Best health tips make you healthy

  1. To keep your health right, it is necessary to wake up early in the morning without brushing, if you drink 3 to 4 glasses of lukewarm water, then it helps your body to flush out toxins. The good practice of drinking water 45 minutes after drinking water.
  2. Make a habit of doing yoga and exercise daily which will help you the most in keeping you healthy. Taking half of you for morning exercise every day will make you look young, happy, and full of energy.
  3. Try to have sprouted grams of lentils, seasonal fruits, and some dry fruits in the morning breakfast. Because 40 to 50% of our health depends on breakfast, if possible, have breakfast before 8 o’clock in the morning.
  4. A good tip to stay healthy is that you should not drink water immediately after eating food. Drinking water immediately after reduces gastritis and food is not digested properly. at least take 45 minutes to break after having a meal. If the water is lukewarm then it’s excellent.
  5. The best tips to stay healthy are that you must urinate immediately after eating food, just before bathing, and just before sleeping. Urinating right after eating reduces the danger of stones and sugar. The body comes to the normal temperature by passing urine just before taking a bath.
  6. If you want to be healthy then you have to stop consuming sugar from today itself. Sugar has many side effects on our bodies. If you can’t stop, reduce it. Use honey, sugar candy, jaggery, etc. Also, use salt to a minimum.
  7. Meditation is very important to stay healthy. It keeps our mental health as well as our physical health perfectly fit. In the morning or in the evening at least you should do 15 minutes of meditation. Meditation calms your mind so that you can avoid stress. Being tension-free also keeps your healthy health fine. Whenever you do meditation in the morning, at that time keep the environment around you pleasant.
  8. Due to lack of sleep, there would have been a possibility of many diseases. Due to lack of sleep, we get energy for any work. And can’t do it in the right mood. Therefore, we must take at least 6 hours of sleep and a maximum of 8 hours of sleep. At the time of sleep, our body’s vitality repairs the body, the body gets to rest, so that we can do the next day’s work with energy.
  9. What time do you eat food? Health Tips is that the time of eating should be fixed for you to stay healthy. You must take breakfast by 8 in the morning. You can have lunch around 12 noon and you should have your dinner just before sunset in the evening. You can drink milk while sleeping at night.
  10. Massaging the body is a very good way to keep the body healthy. You must do a full body massage hebdomadally. For this, you can use organic mustard oil, sesame, or ayurvedic oil. With oil massage, the flow of blood within the veins of your body is extremely good, in order that the body doesn’t get any disease.
  11. One should make a habit of getting up early in the morning. You should get up every day before the sun rises. Morning time is considered very good for both body and mind. So try to get wake up in the morning.
  12. Our thinking has a lot to do with our body, science also believes that staying positive always has a positive effect on your health too. If your thinking is positive, then you are saved from many types of diseases.
  13. Mostly we should use more fruits and dry fruits because our body naturally digests them in 2 hours and it also gives us many health benefits. And our body takes 6 to 8 hours to digest food. You must use almonds and walnuts in a certain amount in dry fruits.
  14. If you want to keep your health well, then you have to stop the consumption of tea, coffee, and fast food. Instead, you can use Ayurvedic drinks.
  15. To keep yourself fit and healthy, you can consume basil leaves daily. Also, regular consumption of green tea, amla, garlic can be done in prescribed quantity, it will strengthen your immunity and protect you from many diseases.

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